X International Medical Forum «Innovations in Medicine – Health of the Nation»

On 17-19th April, 2019, the X International Medical Forum “Innovations in Medicine – Health of the Nation” was held. It is one of the largest comprehensive innovation event in the field of health care in Ukraine, which combined a scientific and practical program, work-shops, exhibitions and special-ized expositions. Forum is international platform for sharing experience and advanced training for health care professionals as well. The Forum gathered 140 medical and public associations, social funds, 18 higher medical educa-tional institutions, 125 specialized publications акщь Ukraine, CIS region and abroad, 300 special-ized Internet resources.

In the demonstration pavilion there was presented the expositions of the Scientific and Practical Center for Endovascular Neuroradiology NAMS of Ukraine», where the latest achievements of the center and the new technologies in the treatment of vascular pathology of the brain and spinal cord were presented.

The program of the forum also included the scientific-practical conference “Endovascular Neuro-radiology in Ukraine. Current trends, approaches, achievements. ” The main issues of cerebral an-eurysm, cerebral and spinal malformations, ischemic stroke, their diagnosis and modern endovas-cular treatment were discussed. Issues of mechanical thrombectomy / thrombaspiration during is-chemic stroke were especially actively discussed, highlighting the significant advantages of this method compare with alternatives and is undoubtedly the future in the treatment of this pathology.

All participants of the conference were awarded with personal certificates.

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  • Consultations held on the 8th floor of the building of the Centre in the advisory office (opposite the elevator in the lobby).
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