Scientific work

Main scientific and practical directions of activity:

  • Implementation of fundamental and applied research of the most important problems in medical science in the field of interventional radiology;
  • Definition of new opportunities and in achieving fundamentally new results in the interventional radiology and endovascular neurosurgery;
  • Creation and development in Ukraine of the medical service of endovascular neurosurgery. The modern endovascular technologies use in urgent specialized medical aid in the treatment patients of cerebral stroke;
  • Development of new and improved of existing the endovascular technologies of treatment and prevention the diseases of the brain, such as aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, carotid-cavernous fistulas, brain tumors, ischemic and hemorrhagic lesions of the brain and others;
  • Introduction the results of scientific research in the field of endovascular neurosurgery and interventional radiology in the medical practice and development of recommendations for practitioners;
  • Popularization of scientific and practical achievements, including publishing activities;
  • Medical training and professional development of specialists in endovascular neurosurgery and interventional radiology;
  • Establishing in Ukraine a regional network of endovascular neurosurgical facilities in medical institutions of The National Academy of Medical Sciences and the Ministry of Health. Support of the Ukrainian school of endovascular neurosurgery and interventional radiology.

In order to support a high level of medical care, Scientific and Practical Center of Endovascular Neurosurgery of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine cooperates with leading clinics of the world – France, Germany, Hungary, USA, Georgia, Azerbaijan. The staff of the Center are active participants of Mid-Eastern European Neurointerventional Club (MENC), which is held annually. The Center cooperates with French Society of Neuroradiology (SFNR).

Center cooperates with French Society of Neuroradiology (SFNR).We offer the researches in the scientific and practical area on the topical issues within the interventional neuroradiology field as well as in the development of new means for endovascular interventions conduction.

І. Current scientific studies that have been done and are studied now:

  • studies on the reorganisation mechanisms of cerebral hemodynamics as well as structural and functional state of the brain after endovascular interventions in patients with disorders of cerebral circulation of ischemic type in different periods of the disease;
  • determination of the effectiveness of endovascular treatment of arterial brain aneurysms with the complex angiographic structure using assisting techniques;
  • development of new approaches to the treatment of patients with arteriovenous anastomoses by using combined transarterial and transvenous access;
  • development of new management of endovascular treatment and determination of its effectiveness in vascular malformations of various genesis and localisation;
  • development of new approaches to the use of extrasaculara methods of treatment of cerebral aneurysms
  • development of the clinical features and to develop tactics of endovascular treatment of patients with arterovenous malformations combined with aneurysms of cerebral vessels

ІІ. Development of new methods and materials for minimally invasive endovascular interventions.

  1. Development of the embolizing composition to exclude arteriovenous malformations from the cerebral circulation and various types of vascular arteriovenous shunts. The Institution has developments of a unique multicomponent liquid substance for embolization of various arteriovenous malformations and arteriovenous anastomoses (Utility Model Patent of Ukraine No. 50352, MPK (in Cyrillic: МPК) (2009), A6IR 9/00; application No. U 200909783 dated 25.09.2009; published 10.06.2010, Bulletin No. 11).
  2. Development of mechanical devices for the removal of thrombi (mechanical thrombextraction) in the acute period of ischemic stroke.
  3. Development of detachable spirals for implantation into the cerebral saccular aneurysms cavity and separation of arteriovenous anastomoses.


Equipment at Scientific and Practical Centre for Endovascular Neurosurgery of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (State Institution) complies with generally accepted international standards of interventional neuroradiology and has scientific facilities for researches and experiments.

ІІІ. Training of highly qualified specialists.

On the basis of the Centre, the instruction and advanced training of neurosurgeons within the field of interventional neuroradiology are regularly conducted in cooperation with the Department of Neurosurgery of P. L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education with procter support of the Centre employees certified in Europe.

An appointment at

  • Consultations are held on weekdays from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 16.30.
  • Consultations held on the 8th floor of the building of the Centre in the advisory office (opposite the elevator in the lobby).
  • SI "NPTSENRH NAMS of Ukraine" - is a public institution, so the advice is free of charge
  • In most cases, patients waiting for consultation is not more than an hour. Duration of consultation on average about half an hour
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