Aneurysms of cerebral vessels

lechenie-meshotchatyh-anevrizm-picBrain aneurysms are also called cerebral or intracranial – these are thin-walled protrusions, usually of a saccular form, which are devoid of the muscle layer. Arise due to defects in the development of arteries (congenital). Most often occur at the age of 30-50 years. There are 1.5 – 5% of the total population (from 600 thousand to 2 million people in Ukraine have aneurysms, 4-12 thousand aneurysms rupture each year.), Of which 15-20% have multiple aneurysms.

The main manifestation of aneurysms is hemorrhage, the lethality after which is about 60-70%. The risk of repeated rupture of the aneurysm is 60 to 90% within a year after the manifestation of the disease. The main goal of the operation in this disease is the prevention of recurrent blood thinning!


Description of the method.

The catheter is held on the bloodstream to the aneurysm, the aneurysm cavity is then filled with different types of spirals. Schematically, the entire operation is shown in the figure.


Examples of using the method of establishing spirals

Aneurysm of the right anterior cerebral artery.

Before surgeryAfter surgery





Aneurysm of the main artery (posterior circulation).

Before surgery


After surgery


Aneurysm of bifurcation of the left internal carotid artery

Before surgery


After surgery


Microaneurysm of anterior cerebral artery

Before surgery


After surgery


Balloon assist at spiral aneurysm occlusion


Description of the method.
An aneurysm with a wide “neck” uses an auxiliary technique (balloon assist or protective stents) to prevent the loss of spirals in the vessel on which the aneurysm is located.

An example of using the method during an operation on a saccular aneurysm of a bifurcation of the right carotid artery

Before surgeryDuring surgeryAfter surgery
  1. Aneurysm is filled with spirals that are supported by an auxiliary balloon.
  2. The auxiliary balloon is inflated, thereby preventing the loss of spirals into the lumen of the artery

Protective stenting with simultaneous exclusion of aneurysm from the blood stream.

Description of the method. To protect the artery from the displacement of spirals into the vascular bed, a technique of protective stenting with simultaneous filling of the aneurysm cavity is used.


Examples of using the method during an operation on the aneurysm of the ophthalmic segment of the left internal carotid artery

Before surgery

Aneurysm after stent placement

During surgery

Further filling of the aneurysm cavity with spirals

After surgery

Spirals in the aneurysm, stent at the level of aneurysm formation

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